KS4 - Qualifications - 2 form time activities

In this series of short activities, students take a look at the alternative qualifications and pathways available to them.

Mini-modules that are devised by teachers and are designed to fill 20 minutes of teaching time. Ideal for lesson fillers, form periods or tutor time.

There are many more form time activities available to download and use today.

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Three 20 minute activities introducing diplomas, apprenticeships and post-16 pathways.

Activities About Qualifications

Your pupils will be aware of the GCSE and A-Level opportunities through school, but are they aware of some of the alternatives?.

Lesson 1 –Apprenticeships

This is an individual research exercise and knowledge quiz. There is also a group activity which established the facts about apprenticeships.

Lesson 2 –Diplomas

Following the withdrawl of the provision of diplomas, this lesson has now been removed.

Lesson 3 – Post-16 Pathways

Now students broaden their options by looking at all the qualification and opportunities open to them. Working in groups, students must summarise their findings and display the results to the rest of the class.