KS4 - Labour Market Information

These activities help students to understand the bigger picture regarding the labour market and employment trends.

This lesson can be used in a diploma, careers or work-related learning context. There is also a cross-curricular link to maths and ICT as students will be required to interpret statistics.

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A short activity to introduce the concept of a labour market and what that means to your students.

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Discover how labour market information can be analysed and how this information can be useful in career planning.

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Looking at statistics to identify trends in the market.

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More About the Labour Market Information Careers Teaching Resource

In this lesson plan for careers education, students are required to find and interpret statistical information in relation to the local, regional and national labour and employment market. More teaching resources on this topic are available in the work-related learning teaching resources section of teaching-resources-uk.com

Lesson 1 - Labour Market Definition

Introduce your students to the concept of the local labour market with this introductory module. Students will be required to work as a class and in pairs to complete these initial activities and worksheets.

Lesson 2 - Local Labour Market Information

Coming soon.

Lesson 3 - Using Spreadsheets

Student will need to use their ICT, mathematical and logical thinking skills to complete this careers activity.

Vocational Qualifications

These labour market information lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for the certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) - Vocational and Diploma Preparation, Employability - Career Exploration from ASDAN. These lessons are also suitable for use with Preparing for Employment with City & Guilds.